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Julia Ann Yoga

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Julia Ann Yoga

Kate discussed with Julia her vision for a new updated logo for her brand and established the colour palette she liked of blue and grey hues, along with aspects of symbols that resonated with her.

Her business name acronym JAY also represented the bird, where a Blue Jay symbolises intelligence, determination, purity, loyalty and clarity.

A blue jay's feather represents joy, wisdom, hope and healing powers which resonated personally with Julia.

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Once the branding was finalised, Nikki began work on Julia's website, to reflect her brand and style, organise and filter the message and translate into the easy-to-update booking system for Julia's varied yoga classes, workshops and courses available.

Julia Ann Yoga

Kate and Nikki I cannot thank you enough for finally making what has been a 7 year long dream come true.  Thank you for your compassion, attention to detail, your time, understanding my vibe, expertise, professionalism, creativity and most of all your patience. (I know my Dad would be so proud right now)

And hey - my clients can now book online from their mobile, tablet or pc!

- Julia Ann

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NB. that all our clients are 100% the owners of their websites and have the right to revise/update/remove their site at any time. 

We do our best to show actual depictions of our work on this portfolio, but the published site may result in revisions that we did not recommend or make.

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