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Gaia Jewellery Logo Design by Bee More Design

Gaia - from Greek Mythology is the Goddess of all creation and mother earth, and formed the inspiration for a brand new jewellery company. 

Kate designed the unique and individual Gaia logo to reflect mother earth and the nature inspired aspects of the brand with subtle shades of turquoise.

The main logo was then adapted for social media, and simplified for use on the embossed jewellery boxes ordered by the client.

Once the branding was in place, Nikki began work on the e-commerce website, reflecting the nature inspired sterling silver jewellery at its best, and loading the ranges of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

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Gaia Jewellery Online Store Website Design on Laptop by Bee More Design
Bee More Design Testimonial Quote Mark

I received a very high standard and professional service from Bee More Design.

My logo was hand drawn and carefully designed by Kate to represent my company and my company's ethos. Kate managed to create exactly what I had imagined and turn it into a beautiful logo with delicate features.

I like 'different' and Nikki worked tirelessly on my website to make it exactly as I wanted it. she waved her magic wand and turned a blank page into something extraordinary. I have had many compliments already about how unique my website is and how it stands out.

Thank you Kate and Nikki.

Miriama - Gaia Jewellery

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