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Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

The awesome website you did has made a huge difference to my business.

Thank you!


I knew more about what I didn't want, than what I did want my website to look like! 

Nikki was really patient and took the time to understand my business

and the end result is just perfect.

- All Seasons Catering -

Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

From our initial contact right up to completion we knew that Nikki got it, understood us and our customers and worked all sorts of hours to make it happen.


The result is an easy to use and fresh site that we can adapt and change as our fledgling fromagery grows and evolves. Customers have already commented on how much they love the new website and how easy it is for them to use.


We are really excited about the future and look forward to working with Nikki again. Highly recommended.

- Cheese on Towcest' - 

Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

I had a very big vision for this business and Kate was brilliant from start to finish.


She took the time to understand every area of the business and what it was I was hoping to achieve as a brand. I found Kate very easy to talk to and she was happy to share lots of her own ideas! 

- Claire's Cottage Kitchen - 

Bee More Design Testimonial Quote
Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

Kate's marketing & graphic designer work for me was just stunning, she was able to capture my drawing & scribbles with perfection.


I am so very proud to be the owner of my marketing materials and new logo. Every detail was covered, and Kate's expert eye managed to enhance my ideas with her own extra touches of expertise.

- Spiritual Holistics - 

Absolutely outstanding work! I gave Nikki a brief of what I needed, she not only executed everything perfectly but recommended I added certain functionalities to the site - THANK YOU!


I will be using Bee More Design for all my website needs moving forward. How amazing to find such a company that delivers on everything you throw at them!

- SILVA Lining -

Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

Kate’s design work is outstanding and turned around very quickly.

Kate has done my brochure, leaflets, postcards and business cards inline with the webpage everything is perfection.

Kate and Nikki are a wonderful partnership and when you have them helping you it’s like having an extension to your business as they produce such great work and are friendly and approachable.

Very professional, 5* 

- The Healing Hut - 

Bee More Design Testimonial Quote
Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

We had two small design/print commissions. From the outset, Kate took time to understand exactly what we wanted and produced perfect designs from a range of options and conversations.


She also treated us throughout as if we were the biggest and most interesting clients she had ever worked for. Yet they really were very small pieces: and which have both made us very happy.


Do not go anywhere else. We won't.

- T Bartlett

My website was designed by me, but I'd spend hours tinkering with not much to show for it.


Within a consultation and a few short hours Nikki transformed my website into something I am super proud of.

Nikki understood my vision and has kept the vibe, but has now made it pop.

- SHOW / Girl Coaching -

Bee More Design Testimonial Quote

I received a very high standard and professional service from Bee More Design.

My logo was hand drawn and carefully designed by Kate to represent my company and my company's ethos. 

Nikki worked tirelessly on my website to make it exactly as I wanted it. she waved her magic wand and turned a blank page into something extraordinary.


-Gaia Jewellery -