• Nikki Mansell

Could 2021 be the year of new business and side-hustle start-ups?

Looking for opportunities to make extra income is in so many people’s minds right now.

Perhaps the pandemic has hit your finances, or made you re-evaluate your life priorities and you’re looking for something that is more fulfilling to you and your values.

Perhaps you’re just looking to have a ‘back up plan’ for times of uncertainty – as the past year has definitely proven can happen!

A good side hustle is about building a business for you, your situation, your family and the time you have available.

Viewing your constraints as a challenge, rather than a reason to give up sorts the best new businesses from the rest. If you are doing something that you enjoy, it seems less like a chore and making commerce out of your creativity is very rewarding.

Most small businesses and side hustles are not profitable straight away, time needs to be put in to tweak your product or service and find out how best to reach your first clients or customers. The key is often to keep costs low in the early stages - and that is how Bee More Design can help you.

Getting launched and online with a defined brand provides immediate credibility and reassurance to the customer, being able to see that you have an e-commerce website with clearly defined terms and policies, good photography, clear descriptions and a clear message and defined path to purchase puts buyers at ease.

Nikki understood my vision and has kept the vibe, but has now made my website pop. - Sarah, Show/Girl Coaching

Adding reviews, testimonials and recommendations from others also helps to provide a buyer with reassurance before they purchase.

Website design does not have to be an expensive exercise. Bee More Design can help you in the design of a professional website and advise you in what should be included to gain maximum impact.


We can help with your branding, everything from logo design, flyers, leaflets and packaging options too, thoughtfully considered to reflect your values, whether you are looking for eco-options or bulk purchase.

We understand that good photography is SO important and a few ‘snaps’ of your products using your phone really won’t do your wonderful product creations the justice they deserve, however much editing you try!

We can recommend other businesses such as Wildgoose Photographics who can provide you with fantastic professional photography of your products, location or even yourself to project throughout your website and other marketing channels.

Having a bank of beautiful photography for your website and social media will feel more personal to your customers than stock images. It also helps the stress of marketing, by making it easier to share your stories with the consistent feel of your own brand.


Perhaps you are not looking for a website straight away for your launch (but you should definitely get one soon!), but social media should definitely be top of your list of priorities!

If you find social media daunting, get in touch and see if we can help.

You don’t need to be on every platform all of the time, be selective and focus on your target audience at all times, and we can help with some advice on this.

Take time to consider your ideal customer, who they are, where they live, where they shop and what their interests are – this will make reaching them far easier than a simple ‘scattergun’ approach.

And don’t keep your new venture quiet! Tell everyone!

Friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues – word of mouth is 100% your best friend for recommending your product or services – at least initially from launch - and social media is an extension of this personal network.

Bee More Design will take the time to listen to you, understand what YOU are looking for and can then advise you on how to achieve this – and hopefully we can offer our help.

We really do want you to be Bee More, as your success stories are fantastic to hear and watch evolving and progressing!

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