Woodhouse Toad Logo and branding design by Bee More Design

Offering an array of attractive, functional and great quality outdoor products, Woodhouse Toad is a new business in Northamptonshire with both an online presence and a showroom to visit. 

Working with the client, Kate drew out sketches of the logo to create exactly what the client wanted.


This was then vectorised and many versions were produced for the web, social media, various signages around their location - and even to be put onto their own manufactured products.


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Bee More Design Testimonial Quote Mark

Thank you so much Kate and Nikki!!  Your friendly, creative and efficient ways of working has ensured we’ve felt extremely comfortable, and been extremely impressed, with the logo design services you have provided us with. We absolutely love “Boots” and we know where we will be returning as our brand develops!”

- Sharese, Woodhouse Toad