In these current times, customer engagement begins online - and therefore it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a solid online presence for your brand.

Bee More Design can provide you with beautiful, fresh branding which is consistent

across all your online and offline media. 


We will work with you to increase your visibility, increase your customer base and connect with your tribe.

Website Design

Online Connection with your tribe

Wix Partner Logo for Bee More Design

Whether you are starting out and need a brand new website and domain, or are looking for a refreshed and updated site,

Bee More Design can help.  

Nikki will work with you to increase your visibility to your customers and connect with your tribe by creating a fresh, attractive, simple commerce (or non-commerce) site using Wix, Shopify or SquareSpace.

Our Website Design Portfolio is here

Email Marketing Example from Bee More Design Towcester

Email Marketing

You've got mail!

Whether it is a grand opening of a new shop, a new range to be promoted, or a sale, an effective email marketing plan is key to promoting and growing your business, raising awareness and

increasing revenue.

Kate designs personal email campaigns to build and strengthen your relationships with existing and potential new customers.  We can connect your online shop, segment people within your audience and send personalised emails that increase engagement and generate ROI.

Whether it is a single email campaign once a month, or a few every week, Kate can help.


Social Media

Where your customers are - and where you need to be

Whether you are a small business or start-up or more established company, more now than ever before, you need a solid online presence for your brand.

Nikki can work with you to create stand-out engaging content for today's marketplace and telling your own brand story.  Whether you are looking for find your tribe on social media, gain visibility or generate leads, we can help with content planning, on-time posting and strategies for organic growth or targeted advertising. 

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Our Social Media Portfolio

Social Media Icons on Phone from Bee More Design


An infographic can paint a thousand words.

Infographics are a visual representation of data.

They are increasingly popular as one of the mediums that communicates information - or a data story - the best, one that engages, summarises and informs.

Being a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text, infographics give an easy-to-understand overview of a topic.

Check out Kate's infographic on infographics!