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Aquila Horticulture

Aquila Horticulture

The base for this company is the Roman town of Towcester. An aquila was a prominent and protective symbol used in ancient Rome and the owner of this horticultural company liked the concept of the Aquila looking over the area in a protective manner. the area.

A moodboard was put together so the style could be directed, and bringing aspects together initially by pencil and paper, and then digitally, we thoughtfully and carefully built upon the main logo. 

You can see some of the different build stages. Brand marks and variations were produced and a branding package was built so the client was able to have the right branding anywhere it was required.

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Thank you so much for what you have done Kate! It all looks absolutely fantastic! You've taken the idea in my head and made it look better than I could've hoped for. 

I love it on a black background, it stands out so well. I shall be showing it off in as many places as possible.

Tom - Owner

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