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Have you fallen out of love with your website? 

Is your site outdated and not providing you with new leads or sales?

Do you feel a loss of control over being able to manage and update your own site?

When every venture and business are jostling to be seen online, making meaningful connections with your customers or target audience while effectively communicating your message and brand personality to your clients can be a challenge. 

At Bee More Design we understand the importance of having a website that quickly and clearly shows visitors and your potential customers exactly why they should connect with you. We also understand why as a business owner, it is valuable to you to have a site where you can take control as and when you need to.

Website Redesign & Migration

Bee proud of your website

Bee More Design specialises in creating beautiful, modern websites that help you stand out from the competition.


Whether you already have a website which needs a refresh or are unhappy that your current hosting platform is not offering you the flexibility and ROI you need, we can help.

Nikki will work with you every step of the way to make sure your site is easy to use and exactly what you’re looking for.


With a custom-designed website, you’ll be able to better connect with your ideal customers and establish an engaging online presence. Plus, the intuitive Wix platform makes it simple for you to update and maintain your website.


Let us help make your dreams a reality – get in touch with Bee More Design today and start building your dream website!

Nikki is a Wix Legend level Partner and is listed on the Wix Marketplace specialising in Wix website design, re-design and project work.

Take a look at our Website Design Portfolio here

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Why Wix?

Every bold project starts with a dream


Nikki has experience in building and managing websites on Shopify, SquareSpace and Wix.  Each has its own value and features, and we are always happy to discuss which one we feel would best suit the needs of your business.

Bee More Design recommends Wix for the majority of clients, due to its incredibly user-friendly interface and freedom it offers within design. 

Some other features that make Wix a popular choice for website design include:

  1. Customisation options: Wix offers a wide range of customisation options, allowing users to create unique and personalized websites.

  2. Mobile responsiveness: Wix websites are designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that websites look good and function well on all devices.

  3. App integration: Wix offers a range of apps that can be integrated into websites, allowing users to add extra functionality such as e-commerce capabilities, social media integration, and more.

  4. Support and resources: Wix provides extensive support and resources for its users, and a responsive customer support team.

Overall, while Wix may be a popular choice for website design, we will always evaluate your own specific needs and preferences before choosing a website design platform. Read more about Wix here.

The awesome website you did has made a huge difference to my business.

Thank you!


I knew more about what I didn't want, than what I did want my website to look like! Nikki was really patient and took the time to understand my business

and the end result is just perfect.

Amanda, Owner of All Seasons Catering

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Website Audit

Website Audit & Review

Online MOT for your venture

Whether you have a website which is self-built, or has been online for a while and is not achieving your desired results, it can often help to have a fresh review and a 'new pair of eyes' take a look over it.

Nikki can assist you with a full review of your venture's online presence, taking a look through your website, and social media platforms.  Providing a detailed review of analytics, SEO (search engine optimisation), customer paths and navigation of your website can all assist you in filling any missing gaps when promoting your business.

Contact us to have a chat about your business aspirations, and receive some recommendations, hints and tips to improve your online profiles and bee more.

Nikki from Bee More Design sitting in garden and working on laptop
Phone image with Google Analytics on search bar

SEO Review and Update

Improve the quality and quantity of visitors to your website

Whether your knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is large or small, your website is well established or very new to Google - if you are concerned that your website is not generating the quality or quantity of sales or enquiries to your business, it is helpful to have a review of your current website setup and see where improvements can be made.

Nikki can help take the mystery out of SEO and take a look into the analytics and 'back end' of your website to see where improvements can be made, provide you with a detailed report, discuss, and make any updates - or show you how to make these yourself.

Nikki has reviewed our website and helped us to see areas we had neglected and showed us how to fix them. Nikki is so helpful and friendly, never making us feel inadequate, but equipping us to put things right and improve!


I would happily recommend Bee More Design. Nikki also trained us in how to SEO our products and has essentially helped us with our to-do list, which we are trying to work through! Thanks Nikki, we really value your help.

Alison, The Happy Elephant

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