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Thinking about a Wix website?

With so many different types of website design platforms and hosting sites, how do you choose? Why would you pick one over another?

The sites designed within the Bee More Design portfolio often use Wix.

Wix is a platform that has been around for many years – and has evolved dramatically over time to become an excellent site builder for small websites.

Wix is the biggest player in website builders, currently hosting over a whopping 160 million websites and far outstripping other platforms in sheer volume of customers.

Why Wix?

The choice of starting templates is HUGE, far larger than most other site builders, which allows us, as designers, full authority to provide you with a website that looks great, responds well and works for you and your venture. The design platform allows us to have complete flexibility, giving no reason to have to be confined with a fixed template, or even one designed ‘for your industry’ as other platforms try to funnel you into.

Your website is your shop-front, your platform to showcase your venture, express your ideas or communicate your message. Wix allows us, as designers, to focus on this, and takes the stress from you of worrying about security updates, naming pages, or sorting meta-tags.

Looking to set up an e-commerce website?

Setting up a shop on Wix is one of the best and easiest to use platforms for a small business – and is the most affordable too as it offers a simple low monthly rate to include a large amount of storage and online payments.

Products can be digital – or physical – and can allow options on size, colour, pricing – all with postage options programmed in too. It also allows stores to track inventory and keep track of your sales and organise any VAT required.

We can help you connect your products directly into a Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, and Ebay, plus integrate your store with email marketing to easily communicate new updates to your database and customers.

The set-up is straight forward and arguably easier to use than Shopify or Woocommerce, allowing non-techies to take control of their own store moving forward if preferred. For small businesses, this is the perfect option, although if you are a larger store with a large amount of product / options then we do know that Wix can be slower than other sites and therefore we would discuss alternatives in this instance.

Looking to add online booking options?

Wix can handle this too with the booking app add-on, offering flexibility and multiple options that synch nicely with a Google calendar allowing you to control your bookings (and take online payments if you need to) in one user-friendly platform.

Wix’s user-friendly platform also means that once we have the design published, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) set up, and got you live on Google – the ownership of the site belongs 100% to you – the client. You are in control of any future changes (if you choose to be) and can handle the site moving forward.

Our clients can rest easy... as there are no on-going fees from Bee More Design, any amendments can be handled by us on an ad-hoc basis, or we can provide you with overview training on how to update the site yourself.

In summary, if you are a start-up or small company looking for a beautifully designed site (with or without e-commerce or booking options) then we would recommend Wix as the most affordable and user friendly platform – and of course Bee More Design to provide you with the eye-catching and fabulously designed site that you are looking for!


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