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2022: A year for Bee More Design Awards and Accolades

We have learned so much from our wonderful clients about many different industries that we would never have normally dipped our toes into. Every day is indeed a school day, and we love that.

And so, as the year draws to an end, both Nikki and I will be taking a week or so to rest and reflect on what a stonker of a year ’22 has been for Bee More Design.

Ladies leaning on a bridge in Towcester from Bee More Design
Kate and Nikki from Bee More Design

At the start of the year, Nikki became a WIX Legend Partner.

This is the highest-ranking of the five WIX partner levels and hats off to her. When you are working with her you are in safe hands knowing that you have invested with a professional. Legends are the crème de la crème when it comes to web design in WIX.

During the year we have designed, updated, and created, researched, rebranded and renewed websites, branding and collateral for small local start-up organisations, businesses overseas, charities and large national companies.

Phew…. We have been busy bees and that’s just part of it.

Bee More Design has spread its wings and we are now based in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire as well as in the Roman Town of Towcester, West Northants.

Last year Nikki rescued a gorgeous springer spaniel, and this year, the move created a new home for a rescue kitten (Little cat) who is being mothered by Office Dog (who appears on our social media from time to time). We mention this as they are integral parts of the Bee More Design team; they are excellent listeners, importantly alert us 3 seconds before someone knocks at the door, and ensure our mental health is kept tip-top, to name but a select few.

At the end of a busy year, a pleasant surprise was in store for me, we were contacted by DesignRush, an international leading awards platform that has awarded brands such as NBA, McDonald's, Nike, Sefa Spices, and many more.

They came across a design I created for a client (Gaia Jewellery), and Bee More Design has been awarded and listed among The Best Abstract Logo Designs. where they remarked:

....the artistic rendition of the famed Greek goddess has lent a winsome and whimsical aspect to the whole visual aesthetic...

We then notice that we have been featured by the international company Cison PRWeb; a leading online news and press release distribution service. They write:

2022 saw the aggregate value of the world's 100 most valuable brands rise by over 22%, reaching a record-breaking $8.7 trillion, according to Statista. Apple remains the most valuable brand in the world, valued at $355.1 billion. This underscores the value of investing in quality branding to rise above the competition.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, listed the best branding agencies that help companies improve their image and achieve branding goals.

22. Bee More Design - Expertise: Logo Design, Branding Consultation, Brand Strategy and more

Read the full article here

I think that this year, both Nikki and I have earned our bee stripes. We are humbled and proud of each other. We have such exciting projects already in the pipeline that we are working on, and just cannot wait to tell you all about them in the New Year!

Most importantly though the message from both Nikki and I is a humongous THANK YOU.

Thank you for all of the support we have had, Thank you to our amazingly wonderful clients, our family (2 and 4-legged) and our friends.

Thank you for teamwork, and for keeping each other strong and supported.

Every Great Design starts With an Even Better Story

May you all have a peaceful, and Happy Christmas, and health, prosperity and love for 2023.


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