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Flipbooks Uncovered: Elevating Your Business

Let’s have a closer look at flipbooks. I am sure you have seen them; the digital representation of paper-made documents such as reports, brochures, magazines, catalogues, etc. but do you think they will enhance your business in any way?

Flipbook on computer screen

Bee More Design offers a service of producing and/or converting your static PDF’s

into engaging, swishing flipbooks of different sizes and styles... but are they right for you? Let's take an objective look at them.

We want to make sure that what we are providing is right for you ... and if it is not – well, we will say so.

Ok, so for the off, we can all agree that flipbooks can be beautiful.

The interactivity can provide an immersive experience that is unique and user-friendly.

With high-resolution imagery, the appeal is obvious. You can add effects and interactions such as videos, audio, links, and web widgets that attract readers into engaging with them and can give them a more attractive look:

Estate Agent Flipbook design

Above, you can see a great example of how an estate agent showcases exclusive homes at their best, with UHD photography, direct links to Google Maps, embedded video, and 3d tours. If you are in the property business this is definitely what your clients will expect to see.

City Guide Flipbook design with video

The addition of an external link in your flipbook can be great to redirect your audience to other resources that you don't want directly on your website, or we can also add internal links to help your audience skip some pages and go directly to what they are interested in.

This is useful, especially in larger publications or catalogues:

Photography magazine in Flipbook style


Do you need your presentation to be a slide show, or do you have a collection of brochures that need to be displayed on a virtual bookshelf?

Language learning cards are becoming popular and can be made with pronunciation guides and hints available at the click of a button - these can be tailored to any theme to suit the age/ability/subject range.

But by far the most popular flipbook style is the individual magazine or brochure. Options for different page-turn placements and effects, viewer controls, and options to personalise the styles of icons and the background are available on most designs, the look can be incredibly diverse and fit pretty much any industry.

Bee More Design wants to ensure that we provide peace of mind when creating a flip

book for you and so there are security options available. We can set a password your viewer would need to input in order to view, you can choose the email addresses that can access and view your flipbook.

A feature that is really useful we can provide is performance analytics of your flipbooks, We can deliver a report showing how many views there have been, where your readers are coming from, the links and media they click on, and the flipbook pages they find more interesting; so we can learn from and improve your content.

Bee More Design Logo icon

It may sound like we are totally buzzing about them, and you may be wondering where the fair comparison is, well, in our opinion, flipbooks are great - but we do not believe they can be the central feature of your digital strategy for all organisations, and this is because, depending on your design, content and usage, it may not translate quite as well on a mobile device, therefore, having static downloadable pages may be a better option for you.

Don't rule it out altogether though - the flipbooks we create do auto-adjust to any size it is viewed on, and are supported on every device.

Quite honestly though, that really is the only slight disadvantage we can think of.

So what do you think? Are you ready to flip or are you needing to stay still on your mobile?

We use a flipbook programme trusted by more than 90k companies, such as Bosch, Danone, Targus, and Velcro.

It is important to us that you are in the right flipping hands!

Contact us to find out more or receive a design quotation.


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