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Jane Scarth House

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Jane Scarth House

Jane Scarth House is a Romsey based Cancer Support Charity run by a team of volunteers who had ‘inherited’ a Wordpress website that they were struggling to properly update, found it inflexible and had a variety of errors.

A full website and blog migration to Wix allowed for a new site to be built that was flexible, had an easy-to-update content management system and allowed the charity to take back full control of their site.  The current branding remained, but an updated style was needed to refresh the site, provide a clarity of navigation and aim to appeal to men and women of all ages.

  • Website Migration from Wordpress to Wix

  • Blog Migration

  • Updated navigation

  • Content Management System

  • Accessible & SEO Friendly

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We wanted to move our difficult-to-maintain Wordpress site onto something easier for us to update ourselves.  Having identified Wix as the front-runner, I spoke with several companies that offered Wix services.

From my first contact with Nikki I felt that she was really listening to what we wanted to achieve and very focused.  As we got deeper into the design she came up with ideas that we had never thought of and was great at working collaboratively around our changes of mind.  She was also quick to understand those subtle areas of ‘feel’ that are really hard to explain to someone who is not part of your organisation.

We had a quiet go-live (highly recommended to take the pressure off!) and have found it easy to make small changes quickly.  I’d recommend not stressing too much about getting everything perfect before moving from your old website to the new Wix one.  We took over some of our old text and pictures that we knew weren’t quite right as we did not have the resource to rewrite/rephotograph at the time, but it is so much easier to make changes on Wix and we are gradually working through making changes as we have appropriate content.

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NB. that all our clients are 100% the owners of their websites and have the right to revise/update/remove their site at any time. 

We do our best to show actual depictions of our work on this portfolio, but the published site may result in revisions that we did not recommend or make.

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