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Bee More Design win Top Branding Agency Award

So, 2022 ended (as you may have seen) on a high for Bee More Design being a winner in the category of Best Abstract Logo design for Gaia Jewellery.

Well, we are truly humbled and incredibly proud to have been awarded TOP BRANDING AGENCY for the month of June... Not just here in the UK, but WORLDWIDE!!

Kate and Nikki celebrating award with a drink

The award has been presented to us by Design Rush who connect businesses internationally with agencies.

They are trusted by top brands such as Sony, Toyota, Microsoft, Wix to name but a few.

Yes, quite the names to be rubbing shoulders with!

Top Branding Agency Award by DesignRush

For this award, they evaluated over 5,000 branding agencies worldwide based on things such as client reviews, pricing, services, portfolios, and industry reputation.

They look at organisations that can take brands to the next level, so based upon the criteria they look at, makes it all the more special to us.

We genuinely care about what we do and love the individualism of each client's needs.

Effective branding starts with what the client wants to achieve for the organisation,

looking at their ideal client base and the personality it is to convey.

We build up a picture of what they have now, look at what works, and what doesn’t.

We aim to always provide a Branding Package for our clients that will enable them to take the next step up, and progress with confidence.

Brand development is something that we are quite literally buzzing about.

Thank you Design Rush for recognising our hard work!

Kate & Nikki


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