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What is Branding and why do I need it?

Branding is your identity. The identity of your venture or business. It is not just slapping a quickly designed logo onto your products or website and should be carefully planned and considered.

Branding is the sum of many parts, and represents how you present your story and your personality to customers and clients, alongside your logo, colours, fonts, imagery, textures and patterns, website design, graphic design, packaging and all the customer interactions that make up your brand.

At Bee More Design, we love to guide and work with you on a consultancy basis to determine YOUR story and how you want to present yourself and be viewed by your customers.

We believe that your story should be a starting point for so much of your business, as it will guide everything else that your business does, right from the colours you have in your logo, to the feel and vibe of your website and social media.

  • What is your philosophy / your 'why'?

  • What is unique about your business?

  • What are your aims?

  • What words would you use to describe the personality of your brand?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What tone of business voice do you want to use towards your clients?

At Bee More Design, Kate and Nikki will consult with you to understand your business and your 'why'.

Kate can then work with you on the graphic design aspects associated with your brand, which will include your main logo, secondary logos, social media versions, favicon and iconography. Kate can help you ensure the stylistic choices in these graphics are deeply rooted in the philosophy of your brand.

Kate will also advise and help you choose colours and typography to portray the personality that you want to present to your customers. It is not just a matter of picking your favourite colour!


Imagery is a very important part of your brand. The growth of social media has clearly shown how quickly people make decisions, and imagery can be consumed faster than text.

What style of photography do you want to represent your brand? Bee More Design works closely with Wildgoose Photographics who offer bespoke brand photography sessions to help you feel more confident about yourself and your online presence.

In return this will help to generate you more business clients and sales. Having a bank of strong images for your website and social media will feel far more personal to your customers than using stock images. It also helps beat the stress of consistent marketing, by making it easier to share your story with a consistent feel of your own brand.

Website Design

Your website is the shop front to your business, open 24-7, and for many businesses (even those with an actual physical shopfront!) it is the largest and most direct representation of their brand.

Your website includes everything associated and mentioned above, from the logo, photography, personality, colours and typography - and therefore it needs to be consistent with your branding, and seamless with the message you are looking to convey.

People surfing the internet make judgement decisions in an instant about a venture, what it offers and if it is something they are interested in finding out more about.

Your website needs to communicate this quickly, effectively and clearly, and Nikki can help you make this happen!

If you'd like us to help your venture Bee More, get in touch!


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